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Communicable Disease Information System
Communicable Disease
Information System

Privacy Policy

In protection of the privacy in relation to personal data, the Department of Health has developed its Data Protection Policy modeled on the six data protection principles as set out in Schedule 1 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the Ordinance). The Department respects personal data and is fully committed to implementing and complying with the data protection principles and all relevant provisions of the Ordinance.
Kinds of Personal Data Held and Purposes of Collection
Personal Data for Service Provision and related activities collected from patients and clients with whom the Department interacts in the delivery of services and other related activities for the purposes of epidemiological surveillance and control of communicable diseases.
Assistant Director of Health (Administration and Policy) is the Personal Data Controlling Officer (PDPO) of the Department to monitor and supervise compliance with the Ordinance within the Department.
Personal Data Access and Correction Request
Data access and correction requests and enquiries may be addressed to the relevant offices or clinics of the Department of Health by which the personal data are collected. Requests should be made by submission of a duly completed Data Access Request Form. The Department will charge a reasonable fee for complying with any data access request.
More information about the operation of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance is available at the website of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (http://www.pcpd.org.hk/).

Last modified: 2017/03/06