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Communicable Disease Information System
Communicable Disease
Information System

Please note that only registered medical practitioners practising in Hong Kong* are eligible to be users of the CENO On-line web-based notification system. Individual login ID and password have been offered to eligible medical practitioners. If you have already received your personal set of login ID and password but have forgotten the password/login ID, please click here.

If you are a registered medical practitioner practising in Hong Kong* and would like to apply for access to the CENO On-line web-based notification system, please download the "New Application Form" and send the completed form together with a photocopy of your current annual practising certificate to the Central Notification Office, 3/F., 147C Argyle Street, Kowloon. Upon receiving your application, CENO will inform you the password and login ID, or any other verification procedures required, within 10 calendar days. For enquiries, please contact CENO (Tel.: 2477 2772) during office hours.

NB *Refer to registered medical practitioner(s) appearing in the "Full registration (Resident List)" or "Limited Registration" list under the "List of Registered Doctors" published by the Medical Council of Hong Kong. The accounts of medical practitioners who are not in the fore-mentioned lists will be inactivated.

Last modified: 2017/10/20